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Snorkelling gives the opportunity to investigate the coral reefs

It is the water activities which make it a true paradise.

The Philippines

The Philippines, with its 7000 islands, promises many surprises for the visitor. Previously colonised by Spain and USA, the country is a unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures. Although predominantly Christian other religions also thrive amongst the mix of races which make up the Filipinos. The Filipino people are exceptionally warm, friendly and hospitable. English is widely spoken and the tourist is always made welcome.Manila is the normal point of entry to the Philippines, but no airline flies direct from the UK. It is necessary to make connecting flights using airlines such as Singapore, Emirates, KLM, Cathay Pacific. When booking attention should be paid not only to the price but also to the convenience of the connecting flights. UK citizens do not need a visa unless staying more than 21 days.

Palawan Island

Palawan, which is north of Borneo, is called the ‘last frontier’ and consists of 1700 islands, the main being 400km long and relatively narrow. It is a place of outstanding natural beauty with virgin mountain jungle and unspoilt deserted islands.

Northern Palawan has been designated for low density tourism by the Philippine Government. Much of the NW sea is a maritime park set aside to allow tourist to enjoy the coral, deserted islands and spectacular scenery. Compared with the rest of the Philippines, Palawan is sparsely populated away from its capital, Puerto Princesa, although recent migration is changing this aspect. Palawan is normally reached by flights from Manila although a few other possibilities exist - eg. from Cebu. The main airlines with daily flights are Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Air Philippines. There are smaller airlines like Zest Air and the larger airlines also offer cheaper flights on Express flights but with a 10kg weight limit.

Water Activities / Diving

There are at least 19 endemic birds on Palawan

Although Palawan is noted for its wide diversity of fauna and flora it is the water activities which make it a true paradise. This underwater beauty can be experienced and enjoyed by the professional diver or the complete novice who is prepared to give it a go. Age is no barrier as typified by a 70 year old lady guest who had never snorkelled before but who became a passionate snorkeler by the end of her trip!

Snorkelling gives the opportunity to investigate the coral reefs that are abundant around the islands. The reefs are shallow and support a wide variety of life. Fish of magnificent colours and density, shellfish (including the protected giant clam) are just the start of the underwater beauties to be seen. For the really adventurous there is also the possibility of seeing such rare treats such as manta rays, reef sharks and even sea snakes. The local guide can help enhance the chances of such sightings, although nothing is there to order – chance plays a big part!

There are at least 19 endemic birds on Palawan

Diving offers an even better way to explore the underwater wonderland and the local dive masters know where to take you. For example; in Port Barton, they will take you on a couple of very nice dives exploring the habitat down to around 30 metres. Here you can see fan coral with a span of approximately 8–10 feet (an awesome sight!), octopus some 2 feet + in body size, crustaceans and fish of varied shape and size. Although coral reefs are the basic dive spots, other sites are possible. For example; at Port Barton a drop-off and rocky canyon are also found. For those wishing to learn to dive or improve further PADI courses are available for open water diver, advanced open water diver, medical first aid, rescue diver and dive master.


This is a paradise for photographers too, with endless opportunities to take home images that can be shared and marvelled at by friends and relatives. These will revive memories and continue to delight for many years to come.

Weddings & Honeymoons.

Greenviews Resorts are the perfect locations for both weddings and honeymoons. The layouts offer magnificent settings for the wedding ceremony and, if booked well in advance, there are sufficient cottages and grounds to cater for a considerable number of guests. The often deserted islands will make the honeymoon a wonderful and unforgetable experience. The guests too will find the long journey well worth the effort!Help with the marriage arrangements can be easily organised as Filipinos love festivals etc.

Flowers, Shrubs and Trees.

Palawan is a plantsman's dream with exotic flowers

Palawan is a plantsman's dream with exotic flowers, shrubs and trees growing everywhere in the wild, and well supplemented by numerous plantings in the grounds of Greenviews Resorts. Well known house plants from home suddenly appear common outside here, but many will be unknown, even to the so-called plants experts!

See Hibiscus mutandis at Port Barton with its pure white flowers in the morning turning pink by midday and scarlet in the afternoon! A fascinating sight. It is also fascinating to see various tropical fruit trees such as Jack fruit and Guayabano growing at Greenviews. Orchid lovers will find plenty to admire. Near to Greenviews Port Barton you can see pitcher plants and unusual ferns and much more besides.

Miscellaneous Factors To Be Considered (Health)

Palawan is an under-developed tropical area and so carries the associated risks to the traveller's health. It is essential that travellers take independent medical advice from their GP or a travel clinic before deciding to go.

Items To Take.

Apart from essential medicines, it is advisable to take long-sleeved shirts and long trousers to reduce insect bites, aided by a supply of insect repellents. Strong beach shoes/flip flops should be brought to avoid the danger of treading on stone fish ,sea urchins, coral etc. Sun hats and sun cream are advisable as the sun is really strong in the clean tropical air.

Boots are useful for jungle treks or hiking. Sometimes the weather on the longer boat trips can turn surprisingly cold as a result of the spray and so something warm under a waterproof is recommended.

A torch is very useful particularly at Port Barton where the lights go out at midnight.

Guests might prefer to bring their own snorkels even though they are normally available for hire.

Some guests have suggested we should mention that it is nice to take small gifts like pens and pencils etc. for the local children as their parents have little money for such items which we take for granted.

The Collecting Of Insects.

The collecting of insects at Greenviews and the surrounding area is strictly forbidden. Any person seen collecting will be stopped and reported to the Palawan Authorities.

Fully Inclusive Packaged Holiday,

We no longer do these.

Palawan Fact Sheet Appendix – A More Scientific View From Greenviews Guests Blair And Geoff Browne

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